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Classroom/Lecture Capture

Classroom/Lecture Capture is a technology that allows you to record your voice and/or video presence along with what is being displayed on a computer screen or other device in the smart classroom. This often means capturing your class lecture along with the slides, websites, videos, document camera or other media being presented with the lecture. 

Some additional uses of lecture/classroom capture technology are: to provide material in advance of your lecture, to facilitate guest speakers whose schedules do not allow them to attend during class time, to provide students with rich feedback about their assignments and papers, and to record individual/small group student presentations.

Classrooms currently installed with Lecture Capture are: AMA 1101, ANS 101, ANS 102, ANS 103, ANS 201, ANS 316, ANS 318, BNLC 108, BNLC 116, BNLC 116A, BNLC 119, BNLC 173, CC 201, CC 206, CC 217, CC 219, CC 221, CC 224, CC 307, CC 308, CC 309, CC 310, CC 312, CC 314, CC 335, CC 401, CC 412, CC 427, CC 429, ECS 109, ECS 130, ECS 136, FAC 127, FAC 176, FAC 177, FAC 189, FAC 225, FAC 260, MMNH 185, MMNH 189, OM 203, OM 204, OM 206, OM 216, OM 219, OM 220, OM 325, VHAC 206A, VHAC 206B, VHAC 207, VHAC 208.
(Rooms list last updated on 2/28/2017)


Lecture Captures do not have closed captions by default. If you will be reusing your Lecture Capture videos every semester, please remember all videos should have closed captions at a very minimum. An audio narrative may also be necessary depending on the content of the video.


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For training on Lecture Capture, please contact the IT Service Center by email at or phone at 806-651-HELP (4357).