West Texas A&M University


What is Examity

Examity is an online proctoring solution that West Texas A&M University is currently piloting. Examity allows for test proctoring to occur 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for students.

Why Proctor?

Students often question why proctoring of exams is needed. Federal law requires that online programs be able to authenticate their students. If WTClass does not use online proctoring, there are three primary options to ensure student authentication during exams:

  1. Have all students come to campus for quizzes and exams
  2. Have all students take quizzes and exams at a proctoring center
  3. End all online classes

With the popularity of online classes, and the availability of taking classes from anywhere, these options are not feasible. Imagine a a student living on the island of Guam traveling to Canyon several times a semester, or the cost and effort required to schedule time at a proctoring center on the island of Guam. Students take courses from WTAMU from all over the world, under all different types of reasons. Online proctoring ensure that student authentication is provided, while still maintaining the ability for online classes to function.

Requirements for Instructor: Setup

  1. Registrar's Office (before registration opens)
    The Registrar's Office must be first notified in order to flag the course in Buff Advisor as requiring a proctored exam.
  2. Examity (by the start of the term)
    Examity personnel will need your Course ID in order to setup the connection between WTClass and Examity. Please do this by the first day of the term. Unsure who to contact to provide this information to? Please send an email to ITSC@wtamu.edu and let us know you are interested in using Examity. We will get you connected to Examity personnel for setup and training!
  3. Setup Your Students for Examity Access and Help (by the start of the term)
    Add the Examity Course Module, How to be Successful and Prepared for Proctored Exams in This Course, and turn on the Examity tool.
  4. Test Setup in WTClass (at least 2 weeks before test start date, preferred before start of course)
    Setup your test(s) in WTClass as available, with open and close dates, time limit, and a password (to prevent students from accessing the test without using Examity).
  5. Test Setup in Examity (at least 2 weeks before test start date, preferred start of course)
    Once the connection between WTClass and Examity has been setup, enter the Examity area (under Tools in the course menu) and mark tests for use with Examity. Setup final settings in Examity (such as options for level of proctoring, or additional options students may have) at least 2 weeks prior to test opening date.

Information to Provide to Students


For Help with Examity please content a member of Examity. Examity technical support team is available 24/7 via email at support@examity.com or phone at (855) 392-6489. For help with setting up a test in WTClass, please contact the IT Support Center.