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Web conferencing lets you connect with anyone, anywhere, in real time. Zoom helps with video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, and telephones. Zoom Rooms is the software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, conference, huddle, and training rooms, as well as executive offices and classrooms.

WTAMU Zoom Video can be accessed at https://wtamu.zoom.us or through WTClass.

For technical support on Zoom, call the Help Desk at 806-651-4357 or email at .

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Ethics and Risk Management In the New Reality of Online Meetings, Classes

Information about privacy and security when using Zoom from TAMU Office of Risk, Ethics and Compliance

While we continue to adapt to the impact of COVID-19 on our communities and our institutional mission, we rely increasingly on electronic media such as Zoom meetings.

It is suggested that the host of such an online meeting only allow recording of the discussion in accordance with what would be recorded in the normal course and scope of operations.

This measure is being taken to protect the privacy of meeting participants as required by university IT rules and SAPs. In addition, participants wanting to record must obtain permission from the host and all participants in the meeting. Any recording should only be used for university business purposes. Too, such recordings may be subject to disclosure through open records, and the recordings may be subject to records retention requirements.

Any class recordings that include students are considered education records and thereby subject to FERPA. Recordings that show students may only be kept and used by the instructor of record for the current class and section in which the student participates. These recordings may not be used in subsequent semesters and, under record retention policy, should be retained for one year after the course completion.

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While Zoom does allow for webcams so that students and faculty can see each other, webcams do not have to be required for students to participate in a Zoom session. In fact, it is generally recommended to limit the number of webcams streaming at the same time in an effort to control the amount of data processing through Zoom at any one time. This will help students who are on a slower connection to have less chance of lag occurring.

Please note: If you choose to record your session, please select the option to "Record on my computer"
and then upload your session to Ensemble (Faculty) or other streaming site (Staff) for others to review.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the WTAMU Zoom link?

The web address link to the WTAMU Zoom site is wtamu.zoom.us. Zoom is also accessible from within WTClass. See tutorials below for how to setup Zoom meetings from inside WTClass.

Do I have to use a Password

A password is required for all Zoom meetings.

Recording Zoom Sessions

In-Meeting Recording (applicable to Cloud or Local Recordings)

  • The host controls the ability to record. Unless the host grants permission to a participant, no other recordings can take place within Zoom.
  • When a meeting is being recorded in Zoom, “Recording‚Ķ” appears in the upper left-hand corner. This is visible to all participants.

Cloud Recording

  • WTAMU has limited recording space in Zoom cloud. Please record to your local computer.
  • If you use an iPad, you must record to the cloud. After completion, download and delete your recording from the Zoom cloud storage.

Local Recording

  • In account settings, it is possible to allow the host and participants to record the meeting to a local file.
  • The host may give participants the ability to record locally. By default, this is not enabled. You as the host have to enable this in your Zoom Advanced Settings.

Watching Recordings

  • If you want others to watch a recorded Zoom meeting, upload your recording to Ensemble (for faculty) or streaming media service such as YouTube (for staff), and then provide the URL to others to watch. Please DO NOT leave recordings in the Zoom cloud for review.


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