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The WTClass Faculty Help is one of many resources about online learning at West Texas A&M University. We are committed to providing you a pleasant and rewarding experience with WTClass and hope the Faculty Help area will assist you with your online learning needs.

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Accessibility in WTClass

  • Accessibility in WTClass goes beyond just online classes, and is required by state law for any information posted online to be fully accessible to all students.

My Course

  • Course Management
  • Copy Course and
  • Adding a User to Course

Content Creation

  • How to Upload Your Syllabus
  • How to Add Basic Content
  • Instructional Design Tips

Transfer Content

  • Course Copy
  • Export/Import Course Content
  • Transferring Between Instructors

Lecture and Presentation

  • WebEx
  • Screen Casting and Voiceover PPT
  • Video Everywhere

Community Building

  • Announcements, Email and Messages
  • Blogs, Wikis, and Journals
  • Discussion Boards


  • Assignments (Formerly Drop Box)
  • Tests, Surveys, and Pools
  • SafeAssignment


  • Making Tools Unavailable
  • Available Tools in WTClass

Grade Center and Grading

  • Rubrics
  • Grading Assessments
  • Grade Center Customization

Tracking Students

  • Adaptive Release
  • Reports and Performance Dashboard
  • Retention Center

Content Collection

  • Content Collection
  • Community Groups


  • Face to Face for Campus Based Courses
  • Communication
  • Assessments
  • Grading


  • Common Fixes
  • Frequent Problems and Fixes
  • Help Desk 
  • Feedback

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