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Understanding the "Force Completion" Test Option

**The use of Force Completion is NOT recommended.

The Force Completion setting is meant to force students to complete a test when they launch it. This means that they are unable to leave the test and come back to it later. However, if students accidentally close their browsers, leave the test page, or lose power or their internet connections, they cannot continue. They must contact you (the instructor) to allow them to start over with a new attempt.

If you do decide to use the Force Completion option, and a student is kicked out of a test you can:

  1. Clear the students attempt to allow them to take it again. (see video)
  2. Create a second test with the questions left remaining on the attempt with a reduction in Time Settings.

Here are a few additional suggestions:

  1. Turn ON Statistic Tracking for your test. (see video)
  2. If a student says they were kicked out of a test and you would like to attempt to verify what was happening, run the following reports:
    1. Check the Test Access log for the time the student started and the time the test auto-submitted.
    2. On the test, run the Statistics Report for the day the student attempted the test (see video). Look for:
      1. How many times accessed.
      2. Associated hours of the day.
        Do these align with what the student has said? Did the student attempt to get back into the test quickly after the test was automatically submitted?
    3. Run an Student Overview for Single Course report (see video)
      1. Did the student first access an area during the time-frame the test was open (between start time for student, and when the test auto-submitted)?