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Lecture and Presentation

Use Zoom or WebEx to create synchronize web conferences to connect with anyone, anywhere, in real time. Zoom and WebEx have desktop sharing capabilities along with voice, video, and chat capabilities.

Use Camtasia to record your desktop and create lectures from your own computer. Please remember, all videos should be Closed Captioned.

Using PowerPoint, create a voiceover narration for students. Please remember all audio should have transcripts.

Tips for best practices in recording in any method.

Is there a File size limit?

While there is currently no file size limits for uploading content into WTClass, the file size does impact students when they download or attempt to watch multimedia.

It is recommended to not upload multimedia files larger than 100MB. There are streaming video sites such as YouTube or Vimeo that may stream your multimedia, along with providing your multimedia to ITS to add to WT's streaming media server.