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WTClass Faculty Help


You can make tools unavailable that you do not use in your course, or that students may not be able to use, so that they can not be easily accessed by students.

The swipe station information does not integrate with the WTClass (Blackboard) Online Attendance.

If a student forgets their Gold Card: Faculty can swipe in for a student who forgets a Gold Card by using their faculty Gold Card to swipe and then allowing the student to use the mouse to enter their Gold Card # and click on the class as attending.

WTClass has a built in Attendance feature. Please note, opening the "Attendance" area in WTClass automatically adds a column in the Grade Center that cannot be deleted.

If there are additional 3rd party tools that you would like connection to WTClass, please complete the form 3rd Party Request Form.







Why can students see tools they cannot access?

Some Tools are for instructor use only. They may still appear in the Tools list, but students will get a message stating the tool is not for their use. You can make these hide these Tools so that students do not see them, but you still have access to them.


My Grades

Instructors do not have access to the My Grades area in WTClass Blackboard. Instructors will receive an error. Students however see their grades. Access the Grade Center to view individual students grades.

See also: How students view their grades.