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The Panopto Video Streaming service is located at https://wtamu.hosted.panopto.com. Streamed video may be viewed/accessed by sharing the video link or embedding the video through WTClass. All viewers must have a WTClass account.

Premium Content Video

Panopto is meant for premium content video, and not for Classroom Capture videos (Zoom Recordings). Please see the Classroom Capture page for more information.

How do I get a Panopto Account?

All WTClass users have a Panopto account. Access to add videos may require additional setup due to Panopto not automatically recognizing you as faculty. Please contact ITSC for help if you do not have the ability to add videos to Panopto or see the "My Folder" area.


Please remember: All videos should have closed captions at a very minimum. While Panopto has a built-in auto-captioning service, it may not be fully ADA compliant. An audio narrative may also be necessary depending on the content of the video.

Does Panopto Allow Videos to be Downloaded?

This is a setting determined by the Panopto video owner. If the owner sets the videos or folders with download permissions the files can be downloaded. Most files, once uploaded, will be converted to MP4 and play from the Panopto webpage.

Training Documentation

Part 1: Understanding and Getting Access to Panopto

Panopto is used for premium video for academic classes used across multiple semesters for teaching. All users with a WTClass account have access to Panopto. Only users who are Instructor of Record for a course will have rights to add video. If you are unable to see the "My Folder" area, please contact ITSC.

Part 2: Getting Started

To ensure students are able to access your videos and to maintain organization of uploaded videos, start by adding folders with specific settings in Panopto before adding video to WTClass.
Adding videos directly into the "My Folder" area may result in students not having access to videos.

Part 3: Recording Video: Using Panopto vs. Zoom

Other Panopto Tutorials

For more Panopto vendor tutorials and videos visit the Panopto Support website or see below for a few specific topics: