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Welcome to Turnitin. Turnitin provides originality checking services, class management tools, and paperless digital grading products to educational institutions around the world.

This user guide provides thorough explanations of the features and products found in the Turnitin website that are available for use by instructors.

Turnitin products that may be available based on the purchase made by an institution include:

  • OriginalityCheck - submitted papers are compared for matches or similar text to information in available repositories used by Turnitin. The results of this comparison are made available in the easy to read format of the Originality Report
  • GradeMark digital assessment - student submissions are digitally marked and reviewed by the instructor in a paperless environment. Students are then able to view the results by logging into their Turnitin user profile
  • PeerMark - student submissions are assigned to peers for review based on a series of free response and scale questions created by the instructor. Peer reviews can be anonymous or attributed
  • GradeBook - an online tool allowing instructors to track student performance in a class and provide this information to students

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For information regarding Turnitin Status and Scheduled Maintenance Times for Turnitin visit Turnitin's System Status page.

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Training Webinars

Weekly and On Demand Training Webinars provided by Turnitin.

How to interpret a Turnitin Similarity Report

Senior Lecturer at the University of Wollongong, Dr. Ann Rogerson DBA Mgmt (Dist) MEd (Dist) JP will discuss how to interpret a Turnitin Similarity Report. Tune in to better understand Turnitin Similarity Reports, find out how to analyze Turnitin reports at a class and individual level, and learn how to use reporting filters available in Feedback Studio.

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What Students Say About Instructor Feedback

What do students value in terms of instructor feedback on their writing? And, how does the timing of the receipt of feedback impact the development of students’ writing skills? Turnitin recently conducted a survey of nearly 900 students to gather insights into how instructor feedback impacts the development of student writing.

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Positive Feedback Strategies

How do you engage students in the writing process? How do you reach both struggling students who need more personalized and in-depth feedback while challenging students that excel to do better—in a limited amount of time? And, how can we, as educators, help students to do more with their writing and meet them with where they're at?

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Stopping Plagiarism at the Source

Every teacher dreads it—the plagiarized paper, the confrontation with a student, the demise of trust and learning. As schools move toward an online future, educators are understandably concerned about increases in plagiarism. Yet while the problem is real, there are solutions beyond forcing teachers into the role of police.

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The Plagiarism Spectrum

Students are often unaware of what constitutes plagiarism. The Plagiarism Spectrum was designed to help students see how plagiarism is defined and can take form.

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