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Teaching and Learning Remotely

Be Prepared!

  • Adequate Internet Access
  • Move required work files to your OneDrive for Business (secure) platform
  • Review technology tools and select those that you will use; prepare your computer appropriately
  • Test your microphone, video, and network connection on a regular basis
  • Password protect any home computer that might be used for working at home in an extenuating circumstance
  • If you do not have adequate hardware at home, speak to your supervisor. Institutional resources may be available under such circumstances.

In the event that routine work or academic functions are disrupted due to prolonged campus or building closures, you may find it necessary to work or teach a class from off campus. We provide a variety of services to connect you with colleagues and students remotely so that work and learning can continue uninterrupted.

Be prepared! It is best to know these options will work for you before you actually need them. Test access to your equipment and resources at home before the need arises and contact us if you have any questions or issues.

If you do not have equipment at home that meets these standards, please consult with your supervisor.

Getting Help!

If you need additional assistance with anything on this page, or have any technical questions or problems, please contact the Academic Technology Department and/or Information Technology Success Center at itsc@wtamu.edu or 806.651.4537.

Work Remotely:

Duo Two Factor Authentication

You are encouraged to set up Duo Two Factor Authentication on more than one phone in case you do not have your mobile phone with you or are not at your office phone. You can use the Manage Devices feature to add, remove, or change the devices that Duo can use to verify who you are.  

When you are logging in, you can choose which line Duo will send the authentication request to (via smart phone app, SMS text message, or phone call depending on what you chose).


Webmail allows you to access your email when you are away from your office computer. Please remember, if you are off campus you will need to have DUO for 2-factor authentication configured in order to access Webmail. 

You can access webmail at https://outlook.office.com or by:

  1. Go to www.wtamu.edu
  2. Click on the Faculty and Staff link in the menu on the right.
  3. Click on the Faculty and Staff Email icon.
  4. Log in with your Academic login information 

Accessing WT's Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Please note that most WTAMU and cloud resources, such as WTClass, WebEx, OneDrive, and Office 365 do not require the use of VPN. Using WTAMU's VPN allows a secure connection to the internet from anywhere. Additionally, connecting by VPN allows you to remotely connect to your computer when you are not sitting in your office to use software only available on your computer or access files saved on your computer.

If you need any additional help on getting connected to VPN or if you are having problems connecting to your computer remotely, please contact the IT Success Center (ITSC) at 806.651.4357.

Cloud Storage (OneDrive)

When you save your files in OneDrive, you can always access the latest version of your files no matter where you are located as long as you are connected to the internet. With your WT Academic Email account, you have access to 1 TB of storage space through OneDrive. 

To Access OneDrive 

  1. Visit http://onedrive.live.com
  2. Click "Sign in" at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Enter your WTAMU email address and click “Next”.
  4. Select the option for “Work or school account Created by your IT department”.
  5. Enter your WTAMU email address and password and click “Sign in”.
  6. Authenticate through DUO.

Additional instructions on using OneDrive can be found at:https://students.wtamu.edu/office.html

Web Conferencing Software (WebEx)

Web conferencing lets you connect with anyone, anywhere, in real time. WebEx combines desktop sharing through a web browser with phone conferencing and video, so everyone sees the same thing while you talk.

Additional help with WebEx can be found at https://faculty.wtamu.edu/webex/ or by contacting the IT Success Center (ITSC) at 806.651.4357 or itsc@wtamu.edu.

Anti-Virus Software

If you do not already have an anti-virus software on your computer, you can help protect your computer by downloading Sophos. Sophos has a free version that you can download on your personal computers for up to 3 systems at https://home.sophos.com. Both PC and Mac versions are available as well as a Free download. A Premium (paid) version is also available for users who would like added protections.

Additionally, Malwarebytes is effective at protecting your computer from Malware and also has a free version.

Microsoft Office

If you do not have Microsoft Office on your computer at home, you may download Microsoft Office for free by using your WT email account. Learn how to download Microsoft Office, or visit our Office 365 site for more information.

Teaching Remotely

WTAMU strives to maintain academic continuity when normal academic activities are disrupted. The Academic Technology Department has digital solutions to assist with class restructuring and make-up activities. Included are guides and tutorials that will assist you with preparing online instructional materials to prevent from getting behind in the semester in the event that all or parts of the campus are closed and/or unavailable.

These options are intended to bridge the gap to temporarily maintain course continuity.  To develop a fully online course, please contact the Academic Technology Department to engage an instructional designer in the complete online course design process.

1. Use WTClass (Blackboard) as a virtual meeting point

WTClass is WTAMU's learning management system.  It can be used for a number of tasks, such as creating class announcements, assignments, tests, discussions, content delivery, and more.

How to log into WTClass

Resources for using WTClass are available via the WTClass Faculty Help site and the WTClass Student Help site.

2. Make a pre-recorded presentation available to your students

Record a presentation using Ensemble

Record your voice or webcam or computer screen using the Ensemble Chrome Extension.  Then add your published recording using the Ensemble Video Chooser in WTClass.
Request an Ensemble account by contacting the IT Success Center at itsc@wtamu.edu or call at 806.651.4357.

Record a presentation in the Recording Studio Reserve the Recording Studio by contacting the IT Success Center at itsc@wtamu.edu or call at 806.651.4357.
(This option requires that the Hastings Electronic Learning Center (HELC) is open for access)
Record a lecture as a Lecture Capture Record your lecture from an empty room, just like you would teach normally, using Lecture Capture.
To see what rooms have Lecture Capture, visit our Lecture Capture page.
(This option requires that the University is still open, even if classes have been canceled.)
Use a previously recorded lecture capture presentation to deliver to your students Access your lecture capture playlists via Ensemble then add any of your published recordings using the Ensemble Video Chooser in WTClass.
Using an iPad to Record a Video Using an iPad to Record a Video and Add to WTClass
See all using iPad instructions
Use a Playlist to have one link in WTClass for all videos

By creating a Playlist in Ensemble and adding it into your class in WTClass, you can add each video you create to this playlist and it will automatically update to the course in WTClass.

Creating and Adding a Playlist to WTClass
Video: Creating a Playlist
Video: Re-Ordering Videos in a Playlist in Ensemble

3. Teach live via web-conferencing (Zoom or WebEx)

Meet online from your computer.  Meeting options include video conferencing, screen sharing, recording, and live streaming. This is adaptable from individual online office hours through full class sessions.

While WebEx and Zoom do allow for webcams so that students and faculty can see each other, webcams do not have to be required for students to participate in a WebEx or Zoom session. In fact, it is generally recommended to limit the number of webcams streaming at the same time in an effort to control the amount of data processing through WebEx or Zoom at any one time. This will help students who are on a slower connection to have less chance of lag occurring.

Please note: If you choose to record your session, please select the option to "Record on my computer"
and then upload your session to Ensemble.




4. Share messages and documents with your students

Video: WTClass Announcements and Communication

5. Administer and grade assessments (tests, exams, quizzes, etc.) remotely

Design a test with options to set availability, dates, and point values.

Video: Quick setup of test
Example File Format (see video above)
Test Integrity settings to consider
All information on creating a test

Help preserve test integrity Use Respondus LockDown Browser to effectively "lockdown" a students computer so that they are unable to use other applications on their computer, and cannot print or screenshot the exam.
Deliver a proctored exam remotely Contact WTClass support at wtclass@wtamu.edu.
Design a live oral assessment via online video conferencing. Login to WebEx to schedule a meeting and generate a meeting invitation to send to your students.
How to use WebEx

6. Receive and Grade Homework Submissions Online

Create an area for students to upload a document to be graded.

Video: How to Create a Basic Assignment
Video: Additional Assignment Information
All information on assignments


The State of Texas requires higher education institutions to provide students with disabilities access to and use of electronic information that is comparable to the access and use available to individuals without disabilities. (See more about the State of Texas Accessibility information on WTAMU's Accessibility website.) Accessibility in WTClass goes beyond just online classes and is required by state law for any information posted online to be fully accessible to all students. 

Using an iPad?

If you are using an iPad, you may have some unique issues with connecting to WTClass. Some common problems, solutions, and how-tos can be found on our iPads for Education site.

While there is an app for using WTClass (Blackboard) on your iPad, this app has some limitations. You may view content, post announcements, grade assignments, and view and respond to discussions within the app. Please note: you cannot view the Grade Center, grade tests or discussions, or create content within the Bb Instructor app.

From the Safari browser on an iPad, many of the items within WTClass may require that you click on them more than one time to open them (this is not a double-click technique, but a click once, and then click again technique).

Additionally, depending on the size of your iPad, and the orientation that you hold it, your course menu may collapse and not be visible from within a course. Please see our video on for how to return your course menu and remedy this issue.

Student Resources

Students also have resources to help them at this time.

For more information:

Faculty who would like additional assistance using these techniques to accomplish their course objectives are encouraged to contact the Academic Technology Department and/or Information Technology Success Center at itsc@wtamu.edu or call at 806.651.4357.