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iPads for Education: Using an iPad to Record a Video and Add to WTClass

There are two ways to record videos on your iPad:

  1. Recording the screen (audio or no audio)
  2. Recording yourself

Additional learn how to then add one of your recorded videos from your iPad into WTClass:

Closed Captioning for Videos

For videos that you will be reusing each semester or year, or you have a student that requires closed captions, are required by Section 508 to be Closed Captioning.

After recording a video and uploading into Ensemble, please:

  1. Email ITSC@wtamu.edu with the Subject “Video Transcript.” Please include:
    1. The title(s) of the video(s) uploaded into Ensemble.
    2. The semester and date these videos will be used by students.
    3. If you have a student identified as needing closed captioning in the course.
  2. A work order will be created for a member of ITS to review the captions.
  3. You will then receive an email with a Word document containing the transcript of your video. Please read the entire transcript for accuracy and to look specifically at any content related terminology or verbiage.
  4. Make your edits in the Word document (Track Changes will be used to track the original transcript as well as your changes), and then send your updated file back.
  5. A member of ITS will then update the transcript for your video and let you know when it has been updated.
Please be aware that during high volume times, some videos may take longer to proof. Please be patient during this time. You will be notified when the captions have been proofed and/or corrected. If you have a student who has been identified as needing closed captioning for your course, please let us know to escalate the priority of your video.

Recording the screen on iPad

  1. Swipe from the top-right corner of the iPad to bring up the Control Center.
  2. Look for the Screen Recording button. If the Screen Recording button does not appear in your Control Center, please visit the Customize Control Center page.
    image illustrating associated text
  3. If you are not recording your voice select the Screen Recording button and skip the next step.
  4. If recording your voice along with the screen, press and hold down the Screen Recording button.
    1. Turn on the Microphone if it is not already on
      (microphone button will be red if ON)
    2. Press Start Recording.
      image illustrating associated text
  5. The Screen Recording button will begin to count down. The iPad will start recording after it reaches zero (0).
  6. Close out of the screens by pressing off of the Screen Recording area (if necessary), and Control Panel to return to the main screen of the iPad.
  7. The recording icon will appear in the top-right corner of the iPad to show it is still recording. To STOP recording, press this recording area.
  8. On the confirmation to stop recording popup, select Stop.
    image illustrating associated text
  9. A notification will appear at the top notifying you that the Screen Recording was saved to Photos. Selecting the notification will open Photos and allow you to watch the video you just created.
    image illustrating associated text

Recording Yourself on iPad

  1. Open the Camera app.
    image illustrating associated text
  2. Change the recording type to Video.
    image illustrating associated text
  3. Push the RED button to start recording.
    image illustrating associated text
  4. Push the RED Square (where red button was) to stop recording.
  5. To review your video, press the thumbnail image below the recording button.
    image illustrating associated text
  6. Typically, the volume is muted upon playback on iPad, click the volume button to hear the audio.
    image illustrating associated text

Adding iPad Recorded Video to WTClass

  1. Open Safari, navigate to WTClass, and login.
  2. Go to the area of the course you want the video to be located. For Example: “Lessons”
  3. Select “Build Content” and then select “Ensemble Video Chooser 5.0
    image illustrating associated text
  4. If necessary, click on “Continue” and/or “WTAMU CAS” link.
    image illustrating associated textimage illustrating associated text
  5. Select the green “Upload” button.
    image illustrating associated text
  6. Enter a Title for the video. We recommend including the course name and potentially semester to help identify videos later. Optionally, enter a Description for the video. Description test appears to the right of the video thumbnail in WTClass.
    image illustrating associated text
  7. Select “Add file” it has a green plus sign beside it.
    image illustrating associated text
  8. Select “Photo Library” then select “Videos” then select the video you want.  It will place a blue check on that video then select “Done” then select “Use
    Image illustrating associated text
  9. Select  “Start Upload
    image illustrating associated text
  10. All uploaded videos will appear. It will look as if your video just uploaded is not there. Select “Reload” (or the circling arrows).
    image illustrating associated text
  11. The video will appear with the WT emblem and the status will say “Pending Conversion” or “Queued For Conversion” in orange lettering. Wait until it finishes processing by clicking “Reload” until the status states “Ready”.
    image illustrating associated text
  12. Select “Choose” below the picture for your video to add.
    image illustrating associated text
  13. Leave the settings as-is and select “Save”.
    image illustrating associated text
  14. Your video will appear at the very bottom of all your items in Lessons (or other area of the course you began).
    image illustrating associated text